Building a stronger, smarter, resilient Voluntary Sector.

I am an intelligence and development consultant, with a clear focus: to build a stronger, smarter, resilient not for profit sector.

My ultimate aim is to help you be a strong and efficient organisation with a healthy and balanced income mix and the resources serve your community.

I will  work with you to ensure your organisations foundations are strong enough to support the growth you need, I will help you to address any barriers to your development, I will support you to develop and grow and I will make sure this development and growth happens in a sustainable way.

Becoming a stronger organisation is a very individual journey and every organisation has different needs and opportunities.

For example, you may need help with: income stability (smarter money, new business, fundraising), achieving a balanced income mix, leading changes in organisational structure and culture, creating stronger teams with increased skills, developing more effective service delivery, improving your marketing activities, offering training and coaching opportunities to key staff, better understanding your customers’ needs or perhaps you lack the resources to assess, set up and launch a new business venture, plan and manage an event or designing and implementing customer consultation and research projects.

You are an individual organisation with your own individual needs, so I will meet with you free of charge to discuss your position – then we can put a plan together to help you address your needs and grow stronger.

Whatever your needs, we can work together to create your stronger, smarter, resilient organisation!

Contact me for a free informal discussion