This week I received some lovely feedback from a busy Charity Manager that attended my leadership and management workshop:

“I really appreciated the workshop and feel that it gave me confidence, a new perspective and a bit of a boost in my role. I am really looking forward to our 121 session”.

Today is a good day!
Just say thank you!

I hadn’t asked for feedback. She felt inspired to tell me about the difference my input had made to her – and I can’t tell you how much that made a difference to me.

I had designed a session to be dynamic and inspiring, with no PowerPoint and lots of proactive discussion. Everybody laughed and smiled and engaged and seemed so motivated.

I helped the group rediscover their vision and purpose and I genuinely enjoyed running the session. I left feeling sure all the managers involved had refocused their priorities and would move into the next week feeling fresh and invigorated, with my ‘four principles of management in practice’ to steer them through their challenges.

But of course that’s my perception. How do I know?

The fact is, I don’t. I can ask people to complete feedback forms, but I find these don’t give a truly honest review of people’s experiences. They know you will read it and – anonymous or not – feel you will surely know who wrote what (even if you won’t).

So receiving unsolicited feedback is absolutely fantastic and so valuable. To hear how much someone has valued your work is inspiring and gives you an indication that you are delivering the results that your clients want.

Are you getting my very unsubtle hint yet?

As a society we are much more proactive about complaining than complimenting. Let’s change that today. How do you feel when you receive positive feedback about your work? When someone pays you a compliment? Or even when a stranger smiles at you and says hello? It feels good right?

So if someone has made a difference to you, if you have appreciated the service you have received somewhere, if you have enjoyed your interaction with someone – tell them!

It’s inspiring to hear that you have made a difference – all you have to do is say ‘thank you’!  

Would you like your managers to be inspired and rediscover their vision and purpose? If you would like a stronger team, please get in touch to arrange your own leadership workshop!