Developing people & organisations

A safe pair of hands in your time of need.

Interim CEO and succession planning

Access flexible, ongoing support to keep your organisation moving forward during times of change and challenge.

Is your CEO is moving on to new pastures? Has your team reduced? Are you facing challenges which threaten your survival?

I can provide a safe pair of hands to keep your organisation moving and growing through times of change and difficulty.

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Leadership development & training

New Managers? New CEO? Increasing challenges and a need to increase skills?

I can provide flexible leadership training programmes to your organisation to ensure you have the right skills in place for the future.

This can be offered on a 121 basis or via workshops and group training.


External supervision, mentoring and ongoing support

Being the Chief Officer or a Senior Manager within a growing charity can be extremely challenging. There are increasing demands on your time (and resilience), your budgets become more and more constrained and everybody relies on you for support.

What about your own support?

I can offer you a 6 or 12 month support package to help you increase your skills and tackle the challenges you face on a day to day basis.

This would include a monthly review meeting to discuss progress and ways forward (and also provide some much needed personal support) and an interim catch up call if needed.

To help make this affordable to all, this service would be payable monthly to spread the cost and ensure ongoing advice and support is provided.

If you think you might benefit from this regular support, please contact me to discuss – our first meeting will be free of charge.